McDonald's would like to thank everyone fighting coronavirus. They import free food to healthcare professionals

“We appreciate all those who have been struggling for the lives of patients in recent days, testing the sick, or overseeing the infection as slow as possible. We would like to thank everyone in this way. It goes without saying that we also put our hand to the work and help in the way that is closest to us. That means providing food and last but not least money, ”says Tomasz Rogacz, McDonald’s CEO in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Free drinks, meals to hospitals McDonald's began offering coffee or any free beverage through its McDrive windows in mid-March. But help to the busiest people in fighting coronavirus has not ended. In some cases, doctors and nurses taking care of patients infected with coronavirus do not even have time to eat properly. That's why McDonald's decided to take care of three specialty workplaces, free of charge. Every day, COVID will be delivering dinners to Na Bulovce Hospital, breakfast to Na Homolce Hospital and lunches to St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno from 23 March. In addition, McDonald's and his McDelivery service participated as the main partner of the Entropiq Charity FIFA Cup charity tournament and contributed CZK 50,000. Together we managed to collect 175 987 crowns. This amount went to the Bulovka Hospital account, where they will use the money to buy lung ventilators or other necessary equipment. Among other things, McDonald's contributed his supply of yoghurt, ham and raw eggs to the food bank. Safety first Since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, McDonald's has tightened up a number of sanitary measures in its Czech premises regarding more frequent disinfection of hands and touched surfaces within the kitchen and minimizing contact when dispensing food through the window. When working with food ingredients, strict hand hygiene applies at regular intervals and disposable gloves are also available to employees. The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. Therefore, we are pleased that despite the difficult situation in the market for protective equipment, we have been able to work together to provide our employees in both dispensing and restaurant operations with a sufficient number of drapes, ”says Zuzana Svobodová, PR and McDonald’s Communications Director.

Published: 13. 04. 2020

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Author: WilliamShakespeare