Emma Thompson: I suppressed my femininity for a long time

Dolittle is a magical movie. Actors gathered on it, who wanted to take a break from the miseries of modern life. Whether it was Antonio Banderas or Michael Sheen, we all wanted to enjoy a fairy tale movie with a doctor who understands animal language. And for me to play, that is, to recite the incredibly clever Parrot Poly, alongside the famous Robert Downey Junior, was an extremely liberating poem about his bird role.

Emma Thompson will also not forget for a long time her 60th birthday, when Prince William presented her with the Order of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace. So now she can be proud of the rank of knight-commander and the title of lady.

She recently spoke about the whole event in a show with Ellen DeGeneres: "I love Prince William, he is an amazing man. He was magical as a child, as I recall! But he had to pin the order over my breast and the other just above my nipple, which hurt, so I screamed. Otherwise, it was magnificent, just a pity that I couldn't even kiss him as a lady, "she added with a laugh.

She came for the award in white sneakers, because she no longer intends to torture her high heels even in front of the royal family.

Stand-up and own show
After all, Emma Thompson had been done out of fear since the beginning of her career, when her comedic talent and sense of humor showed.

"I was twenty when, as a student of English literature at Cambridge University, I wrote my first, in my opinion, funny monologue as a member of the Footlights ensemble. At the age of twenty-three, I was already performing my first stand-up comedy. I remember singing a comical Scottish song impossibly dressed in front of drunk businessmen shouting why I'm not naked, ”he recalls.

At the age of twenty-seven, she had her own show in Edinburgh, playing in comedy clubs where it was depressing for a woman.

Published: 23. 08. 2020

Category: Fashion

Author: WilliamShakespeare