Prague and COVID - Not only football players...

More than ten days have passed since the celebration at the popular company, and several football clubs have reported cases of coronavirus. However, the super league floorball players Black Angels and, according to, also celebrated the teams of Sparta and Karlovy Vary in the same place.

"The summer training of the men's A-team and the junior team is temporarily suspended due to a positive test for Covid-19," Black Angels said on the website.

The players trained together last week, after finding a positive test for all those who came into contact with the infection, the club, according to its statement, reported hygiene. "Both teams will not travel to the joint training camp, which was planned for next week in Kutná Hora. Furthermore, the regime of the A-team will be coordinated with representatives of hygiene, "it continues on the club website.

The infection was supposed to spread in the company from a girl who was later tested for covid-19 due to a trip to summer camp. The infection could allegedly occur when drinking drinks from straws from one glass.

But the coronavirus could continue to spread. The Prague club, before its players found out that they were in contact with the infected, allegedly managed to play a preparatory match with the Bulldogs Brno.

Published: 27. 08. 2020

Category: Sports

Author: WilliamShakespeare