Outfits for the first day of school

Summer is slowly coming to an end and you are already thinking about what to wear to school desks? Formal attire is no longer worn on the first day of school, young people prefer to show their personality and the style they want to show. The ideal outfit, thanks to which the first school day shines, must be worth it! If you no longer have time for shopping, then bet on classic looky, which will never disappoint.

For girls and women
A classic that will never disappoint
You don't know what to wear and don't want to spend half a day on it? Then reach for the classics, which will make you look great in any situation. Tank top, pants or skirt to the waist and sneakers. If it cools down, you can reach for a jacket, a thin sweater or a denim jacket. Ballerinas or shoes on a smaller heel are also suitable for this look. You can throw a small backpack or shoulder bag over your back.

A little festive mood
Do you want to look more festive on the first day? Then you can reach for a patterned shirt, a light dress, a long skirt or a beautiful overall. Anything in which you will feel good and comfortable. Below we have created an interesting inspiration for you.

This summer, trousers are on the course, which are gradually expanding. The resulting appearance of the outfit stretches the legs and makes the silhouette of the figure much taller. For these pants, you can choose a T-shirt, a shirt or a new trend of T-shirts with padded shoulders. It fits into any weather and you can perfectly underline it with moccasins or shoes to the top.

Published: 25. 08. 2020

Category: Fashion

Author: WilliamShakespeare