How to get rid of sleeping problems?

Insomnia belongs to the most frequent sleeping disorder. It is estimated that almost half of the population suffers from this problem. In general, mainly older women are prone to it due to stress, psychosomatic disorders or hormone changes associated with the menopausal transition.

Apart from insomnia there are other types of sleep disorders to be mentioned such as hypersomnia, parasomnia, sleep related breath disorders, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, sleep movement disorders and others.

Inadequate, excessive, poor or interrupted sleep has a harmful effect  on our memory, the learning process and immune system. Furthermore, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, a heart attack or a stroke and it can even lead to the development of mental disorders. How to beat insomnia and improve sleep quality?

General principles that can help to relieve insomnia 


Regularity is the key to success so keep regular hours no matter whether it is a working day or not. Similarly, it is playing computer games and watching action films that distracts you so avoid them at least one hour before going to sleep. It is also a great idea to create some effective bedtime rituals that can help you relax and sleep better, you can try having a bath, reading a book or meditating. It is  crucial to keep in mind that the bedroom temperature has also an impact on our sleep so keep the bedroom at a temperature near 20°C and do not forget to ventilate it. 

However, if your sleeping disorders persist, do not hesitate to contact a doctor, a psychologist or a pharmacist.

The diet for better sleep should be varied.
The diet for better sleep should be varied.


The diet for better sleep should be varied because a nutritional, vitamin or mineral deficiencies are harmful. You should try eating foods high in the essential amino acid tryptophan  included in bananas, dairy products, turkey or chicken meat, tofu, avocado, nuts, seeds, pineapple, salmon or asparagus. 

Avoid  eating before sleeping. The last meal should be easily digestible and eaten 4 hours before sleep.

Stop consuming caffeinated and alcoholic beverages 3 hours before sleep. Try drinking herbal teas with lemon balm, valerian root or hop. They contribute to relax your mind which enables you to fall asleep fast.


Finally, we should not neglect sports. In fact, it improves the quality of deep sleep. In addition, a regular physical activity has a positive effect on our nervous system and mental health. It is scientifically proven that active people sleep better and not so long. There is a wide variety of sports, and everyone has to select the most suitable one.

Published: 13. 08. 2020

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