Facebook introduces a warning about false information about coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a relatively large number of reports have been reported on the Internet as being manipulative, misleading, or even lying. For example, it was information that coronavirus was actually a US biological warfare ammunition, or "guaranteed" reports of new covid-19 drugs. According to Western media and some institutions, this information often originates in Russia or China. Facebook intends to implement the new measure in the next few weeks, the company said. Network administrators have previously phased out all advertisements for drugs promising to treat the disease, including toxic methanol. According to Avaaz, a social disinformation company, more than a hundred fictional reports of coronavirus circulate on Facebook, many of which have hundreds of thousands or millions of views. The problem is that fictional news continues to spread by users themselves - they simply believe what they read on the Internet. It is not uncommon that some messages have tens or hundreds of thousands of shares. Unknowingly, they help creators of misinformation to earn a big pack of money. Stop fabricating hoaxes, fighting coronavirus just making it difficult, said WHO chief Security Stop fabricating hoaxes, fighting coronavirus just making it hard, say WHO chief Gold mine Similar cases of global reach are a finished gold mine for misinformation creators. They use people's fear and panic to direct them to their website. As a result, they profit from the displayed ad, even a few million dollars. It is possible to find information on the web that the cure for coronavirus has been known for a long time, but that the authorities do not want to give it to the public. Likewise, there is a pointless comment that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is associated with the disease. Another misinformation states that, in connection with the occurrence of the disease, various world powers will cut off internet access in order not to "spread the truth about coronavirus". They say they want to silence social media and individuals who “tell the truth about the virus”.

Published: 15. 04. 2020

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Author: WilliamShakespeare