Chelsea did not cut or dismiss salaries.

The first season in the role of technical and executive advisor of FC Chelsea was unique and absolutely unforgettable for Petr Čech. He ended his professional career last summer and plunged into a new career. In the club with which he gained the greatest success in his playing career. He had to deal with a coronavirus pandemic or the unconvincing performance of his successor between the bars.

The inaugural season at the new position lasted for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. What was it like in your eyes?
I think the most characteristic attribute would sound colorful. I moved into another realm. The responsibility is completely different than when I was on the field. I am responsible for the functioning of many people within the club. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has brought many peculiarities. It has dramatically affected football and global events. Everyone had to improvise. The pandemic forced people to do things differently in football. I gained a lot of experience.

Was there satisfaction in the club with the results that the team led by Frank Lampard achieved?
The main goal was to qualify for the Champions League, which we finished fourth in the Premier League. Everyone is sorry that the FA Cup final, in which we lost to Arsenal, did not come out. It would be nice to have a trophy at the end of the season. But I think we have laid a good foundation for next season. We withstood difficult conditions. We will be stronger and I believe that we will get closer to the positions we want to be in.

Published: 21. 08. 2020

Category: Sports

Author: WilliamShakespeare